Don’t Forget your 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

She’s Bound to be Looking Forward to the Occasion

We’ve been celebrating wedding anniversaries for centuries, but up until recently, it’s mainly be significant anniversaries such as the 25th and 50th. In 1937, The American National Retail Jewellery Association suddenly realised they were missing many golden opportunities and devised a comprehensive list of wedding anniversary symbols that gave many more years an associated gift symbol. There is one for every year up to and including 15, and for every 5th year thereafter. This list is still popular today.

The Most Perfect 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

There is good reason to make a big thing about your wedding anniversary. After all living and making a life with the same person, isn’t the easiest of challenges that’ll be thrown your way. The divorce rate is steadily increasing, and many institutions put the figure at 50% of marriages. All the more reason to be celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary in style. You made it through all the trials and tribulations, and that’s no mean feat at all. Time to show your wife some gratitude, love and acknowledgement of all the sacrifices she’s made. Not that you haven’t made any, but you can be sure that the gift that she gives you will reflect her feelings, so you better make sure you’re does too. Another year of marriage is soon to be tucked under your belt, so this year give your beloved wedding anniversary gifts for her, that will top any gifts you’ve given on previous years.


If Your Wife is a Romantic

a silver rose for herLet’s face it she probably is. There’s aren’t many ladies that didn’t dream of being swept off their feet, by a knight in shining armour. She chose you so you must have done something right, and she’s still with you after a quarter of a century. How good does that make you feel?

A really romantic gesture you could make is to give your wife the gift of your time. Throughout the last 25 years, you’ve probably both been very busy, pursuing your careers, raising children, and trying to get your home in order. After 25 years it’s time for you both to take some time off and enjoy being together, without the intrusion of work, kids, family, friends and let’s face it your mobile phones.

Take your wife away for a day of relaxing spa treatments. Or drift off and enjoy a balloon ride, taking in the glorious landscapes of Australia below. Spend some time cooking her something for dinner, rather than the usual she cooks for you. Or if you aren’t as confident as you could be in the kitchen, fire up the barbie and barbeque a meal to remember. And there’s always the option of hiring your own personal chef for the day.

Remember Your 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Should be for Her

When choosing your 25th wedding anniversary gift for her, bear in mind that you’re buying this milestone gift for her, not for you. She should be the most important part of the equation, and there’s no point in buying a wedding anniversary present because it’s something you’d like to do, or want to encourage her to do with you. Not all the ladies out there are masters in the kitchen, so kitchen equipment won’t go down too well. And just because you bought her a bread maker for her silver wedding anniversary gift, doesn’t mean she’s suddenly going to be baking fresh bread for you everyday. It might have been a silver coloured bread machine, but that’s hardly the point. So this is a very important factor to take into consideration. Buying the perfect wedding anniversary gift for her, means it has to be relevant to her personality and interests.

Flowers as 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Can you give her flowers for your wedding anniversary? Don’t see why not. Ladies love to receive flowers for all kinds of occasions, and the occasional bunch or bouquet bought on the way home from work, won’t go amiss either. Flowers are a great gift for all the ladies in your life, even your wife. Try and put a little thought into your choice of flowers though, as many different flowers hold special meanings. If it’s romance that you’re looking to inject into the proceedings, then your obvious choice is a bunch of red roses. Nothing speaks of romance more than these glorious blooms.

If you’re looking for flowers that are a little longer lasting than a few days, there’s always a gift from Eternity Rose. They hand pick a natural bloom from their very own nursery and carefully dip it in gold, silver or platinum. Making it an everlasting bloom. You can even have the stem of the rose engraved with a message of your choice. And we all know that personalising anything makes it all the more special.

What Can You do if You’ve Left Your Gift Buying till the Last Minute?

gift for herShame on you is all that we’ll say. Surely you got wind of the fact that your 25th anniversary was just round the corner? She’s been dropping hints left, right and centre! Weren’t you listening? Don’t panic if you’ve taken note of all her subtle hints, but just haven’t managed to find the time to get the most memorable wedding anniversary gifts for her, unless that is your anniversary is already here. In which case mate, you’ve severely restricted your choices, and we’re not sure what to recommend. Keeping your head down and hoping it’ll pass quickly isn’t really a sensible option. Is there anything worse than nothing at all? We don’t think so. Breakfast in bed? You might have already missed that window, so dinner somewhere memorable might be another option. And bring home the best gift you can find on the way home from work. It’s surprising what great gifts you can find if you look close enough.

If there’s still a few days before the big event, then think yourself lucky and breath a sigh of relief. Most online gift stores offer next day and even same day delivery. So spend your lunch hour trawling the internet for the winning gift or gifts. Don’t wimp out and spend it with your mates down the pub.

We hope you have an enjoyable anniversary this year and with our help you’re confident there’ll be many more.