Due to Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary or Know a Couple Who Are? – Here’s Our Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

First we have to say “CONGRATULATIONS”. Quarter of a century – one heck of an achievement. And a milestone that’s worthy of some kind of celebration. It’s entirely up to you whether you roll out the red carpet, or should you make that a silver one, or mark the occasion just the two of you. It’s likely that there are plenty of people you know, friends, family and relations that would love to congratulate you as well. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to hold a party. A traditional part of marking a wedding anniversary is by exchanging gifts. And this tradition is more appropriate when it’s such a momentous event as a 25th wedding anniversary.

For our silver wedding anniversary gift guide we’re going to look at the occasion from a number of different angles. If it’s your parents who are celebrating, a member of your family or a couple of dear friends.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

a silver rose for her

  • Silver picture frame – this is a truly inspiring gift idea for your parents, as you can include a favourite picture of them both, or one that includes all the members of your immediate family. Or if you can find one, without your parents knowing, a photo of the dazzling couple on their wedding day.
  • Silver anniversary plaque – available in many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. But as it’s a 25th anniversary we think it should really be silver. A plaque is perfect for a spot of personalisation, such as a sentimental message, wedding date or the couples names.
  • Champagne glasses with silver rims – accompanied of course by a bottle of the best champagne. Or if they have a prefered tipple such as whisky or red wine, then glasses that are meant for these drinks might be more appropriate.
  • Silver carriage clock – hopefully they haven’t already got one, and there’s enough room on a shelf. There are lots of options in silver, but you’ll also be able to find them made of wood as well as glass.
  • Sterling experience day – send your parents off to experience something new or exciting. How many times have they had to put their plans on hold, because you were the most important person at the time? Well now it’s your chance to repay the favour. A champagne tea, helicopter ride, 4×4 adventure, cookery classes, tour of a vineyard, there’s too many choices to fit on this one page.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Family Member

  • Gift hamper – fill a silver hamper with all kinds of gifts. Food items, drinks, beauty products, jewellery, sweets, photos, tickets to a movie or show. This sort of gift is a great idea if a few of you would prefer to club together.
  • Personalised bottle of wine – as they’re members of your family, you’re going to have a good idea of their taste. There are lots of choices when it comes to wine, and beer for that matter, and some you can order with personalised labels.
  • Memory collage – get together with some other members of the family and gather together as many photos of the couple as you can. Present them in a silver frame, and this is a gift that will have pride of place in their home.
  • Compile a CD – made up of tunes that were popular in the year they got married, the song that was playing when they had their first dance, and if you’re musically talented, you could include a song of your own.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Couple of Good Friends

  • Silver vase
  • Silver birch tree
  • Silver anniversary rose
  • Silver book marks
  • Silver keyrings
  • Candles
  • Candlesticks
  • Tea light holders

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Each Other

Now we’ve got down to the nitty gritty. What to buy your significant other half? Something that will be memorable and shows your true feelings. Something that comes from the heart. Well that’s a bit vague isn’t it. So here’s some specific ideas…

An item of silver jewellerywhite-earrings

Matching necklaces, bracelets or rings would be the perfect choice. Two halves of one heart, or rings that intertwine. And although it’s not an item of jewellery, we quite like the silver keyrings that are shaped like two broken halves of one heart.

A bottle of champagne and two personalised glasses

So you can toast each other on this important anniversary day. Looking back on all your precious moments, and looking forward to lots more.

Enjoy a relaxing spa day

When you relax and let all the worries of the world drift away, you’ll both return invigorated and regenerated. There are lots of different treatments you could enjoy including massages, pedicures, manicures, hot stone treatments, or simply enjoy a warm spa bath.

One last gift that we think is worth mentioning is a gift from Eternity Rose. For the lady in your life they have jewellery that is exquisitely made from miniature rose petals that have been glazed and trimmed in 24 carat gold. Or a single rose bloom, perfectly preserved by dipping in silver. With the chance to add a personal message that will be engraved on the stem, you’re going to be the man of her dreams.

A silver wedding anniversary is a very important occasion, and actually pretty rare. Researchers say that as many as 50% of marriages now end in divorce, so it’s looking like a couple celebrating a silver wedding anniversary is set to become even rarer. There’s no better reason to enjoy making a fuss on such a memorable day, whether it’s planned with lots of other people in mind, or just the happy couple. Life is never kind to relationships, it’s always trying to put things in the way. But in spite of this you’ve made it through and come out the other side, so a very hearty congratulations.
We sincerely hope that there’s more years to come, and we’ve helped to make this wedding anniversary one that you remember long into the future.