Married for a Quarter of a Century? Time for Some Wicked 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s your 25th wedding anniversary soon, and to be brutally honest, you’re starting to get a bit jittery. Every year you’ve tried your best to find the most awesome gift ever, whether it’s for her birthday, xmas or another anniversary. But this time you feel under pressure to find the one gift that tops them all. Wise decision, because after 25 years of being married to you, she deserves something really special. You’ve been in love for 25 years, and while this love may have changed or taken on a new meaning, the emotion is one you still share. Other things have tried to get in the way, such as work commitments, friends, family and other responsibilities, but you’ve stayed true to each other, and here you are. About to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary, or silver anniversary as it’s often called.

Celebrate the Occasion With These 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

gift ideasThere are lots of different ways you can celebrate a wedding anniversary, but for the 25th maybe you should push the boat out. How about inviting friends, relatives, family and favourite neighbours round for a jolly good shin dig? If you haven’t got enough room in your backyard for more than 20 guests, hire a local hall, some entertainment and not forgetting food and drinks. There’s also the option of booking an events room at a local hotel. That way, if some of the guests are travelling from afar, they’ll be able to spend the night, before heading home.
A lavish party is not however everyone’s cup of tea, so how about doing something special together. Leave your mobile phones at home, and let the kids take care of themselves – they’ve got to be old enough to be trusted surely?

Take yourselves away for a memorable vacation. Australia’s big enough, you won’t necessarily need to leave its shores. One great vacation we encountered while looking at gift ideas on the web, was a train journey through Australia’s red centre, The Ghan. An adventure if ever there was one. From the comfort of your air-conditioned carriage, you’ll be able to view some of Australia’s wondrous countryside and scenery. It’s a three or four day journey from Darwin to Adelaide, that includes some excursions off the train too. In the Macdonnell Ranges you’ll be dining under the stars, exploring the underground town of Coober Pedy, as well as taking in the sights of Katherine and Alice Springs.

Savour the Moment by Making an Anniversary Time Capsule

This is a popular gift idea for newlyweds, but think you’ve missed the window on that one. So why not create an anniversary time capsule as a way of celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary? It’s a perfect, creative and unique gift that you can make together. Book in the time to open it again on your 50th anniversary, so you can relive some of your memorable moments, and hopefully add a few more.

So where to start?

Find an attractive container or box, and decorate it with hearts, flowers, stars, tinsel, whatever takes your fancy really. Silver wedding anniversary wrapping paper might be a good place to start, if you’re struggling for ideas.

Now you’ve got the task of finding things to fill it with. It could be some old photos, tickets you’ve saved, trinkets and souvenirs you’ve saved over the years, gifts that the kids have made at school. You get the idea? One final thing that’s worth including – a couple of love letters, written by each of you. In which you could explain the reasons you love your significant other half, and what makes them so special. In 25 years time, you’ll be able to read them to each other, and hopefully things won’t have changed.


25 Gifts – One for Every Year You’ve Been Married

Another great gift idea, is to exchange 25 smaller gifts with each other. To add to the excitement you could spread the giving of the gifts throughout the day, or give 25 gifts of 25 objects. The gifts you’re exchanging don’t have to be extravagant, and they certainly shouldn’t be expensive. Take it as a challenge to come up with 25 gifts that are relevant to your lovely lady or man. Let’s see if we can come up with a few examples:

  • 25 paper clips because he’s always losing pieces of paper
  • 25 chocolate hearts
  • 25 bottles of beer
  • 25 poker chips
  • 25 charms for a silver bracelet
  • 25 pairs of knickers
  • 25 chicken drumsticks
  • 25 tea bags
  • 25 teddy bears
  • 25 pairs of socks
  • 25 silver balloons

A 25th Anniversary – The Perfect Time to Renew Your Wedding Vows

Some say that a 25th wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to say “I Do”, all over again. After all, you’ve possibly changed during the last quarter of a century, and what may have been important to you all those years ago, may no longer be so. Your love is of course much deeper, so the vows you say will have more meaning.

Whether you choose to renew your vows in front of a room full of people, or just a couple of close friends, is entirely up to you. You might not feel the need to say such poignant words in front of a crowd of people. You are the only people that matter. Why involve anyone else?

It’s not one of the most complicated silver wedding anniversary gift ideas to organise. Here’s a few simple ideas that will make the occasion special:

  • Holding an intimate ceremony – just the two of you;
  • Go back and renew your vows where you first tied the knot;
  • Have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

The most important part of any wedding anniversary celebration is that you both have a good time. Whether you choose to share the occasion with people who are special to you, with anybody and everybody you ever met, or just the two of you. We hope you have a lovely and memorable 25th wedding anniversary.